maandag 22 april 2013

Custom: Coarsetoys False Friends - Armageddon Wonderland by Fuller

Op Facebook kwam ik deze geweldige False Friends custom tegen van Fuller Designs.
Zelf ben ik behoorlijk fan van Coarsetoys en de False Friends zijn daarvan zelfs mijn favoriete characters! Dit gecombineerd met Fuller zijn geweldige schilderwerk en je hebt dit; een geweldige hommage aan Alice in Wonderland. Fuller heeft er zelf dit over te zeggen:

'The Mad Hatter has dropped his tea cup and picked up his spoons of death to take out the evil Queen of Hearts. She has killed all his friends, the rabbit and mouse, leaving him with nothing but vengeance.

The White Rabbit. After being late one time too many, the Queen ripped him apart and transformed him into an actual clock to never be late again. He escaped the Queen and meet up with the Mad Hatter along the path to the castle. Together they will take back the kingdom.'

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